Careful which Pussy you attract!

This is amazing. So, according to this article, Calvin Klein’s cologne, Obsession for Men, is said to attract not only the hottest women that you are too scared to talk to in bars, but the scariest fucking animals around. Cougars, not the hott ones that buy you shit after you bang, them, but the ones … Continue reading


Yes, we’re hopping on the BP hate fest. This sign seems ironic to us, but then again, what do we know? We’re full of shit.

“You have herpes…” “So what, I can FISTPUMP, BITCH!”

Ahhh herpes. The shit that DOESN’T stay in Vegas. Well apparently the ever popular (WHY!!!) show Jersey Shore is a breeding zone for herpes. Valtrex, a common medicine to help treat herpes, is apparently handed out like “M&M’s” on set. I mean who wouldn’t wanna get down with these people? Tan, sexy, spiky hair? C’mon, … Continue reading

He’s Puerto Rican!! ahhh!! DEPORT HIM!…to Mexico?

This shit is getting more and more ridiculous as the days go on. For fuck’s sake HE’S A U.S. CITIZEN!!! The story is that Eduardo Caraballo, a Puerto Rican-born, U.S. Citizen, was arrested because authorities “thought” he was involved in a car theft. After his mother posted his bail, the police still detained him, on … Continue reading

Go to jail. Get released. Rape someone. Go back to jail. Repeat.

An Ex-Nascar driver was recently released from jail after leading California Police on a high speed chase. After his 2 week sentence, he decides to go rape some broad (it’s Cali, the opportunity presents itself often) and finds himself back in jail merely hours later (we really can’t make this stuff up people). Full story … Continue reading

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