Jordan Hoes Lebron

Long story short, Jordan says that back in the day the real players used to want to beat their competition, not join them. Basically says that Lebron pussied out for a possible ring. We’ll see if it pays off in the long run. Article Doubt

35G’s for Lesbian

Really? So because this school wouldn’t allow two lesbians to attend school prom, they sued the school district and came out with $35,000. Shit, I’ll say I’m gay if you’ll give me that kind of green for nothing. It’s bull shit that people get paid if their feelings get hurt. Back in the old days … Continue reading

Eminem Trips Out

Just lookin up some random old school Em when I came across this. There are a few compilations and different parts but this was by far my favorite. He starts blazin and starts talkin about an experience he had before that. This clip lets me know that whenever we are listening to him, we are … Continue reading

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