Guitar Legends On One Track

So my sister put me on this. Ridiculous solo from Prince at the end, but there are dudes like Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne too. SoloDolo

Crazy Dude

This guy flips out because the Eden Center’s doors are locked and he then proceeds to talk to the camera man after he screams at the doors for a couple of minutes haha Crazies

Drunk Slut at Police Station

There is nothing right about what is happening in this video. Drunk woman is playing around with cops and they are diggin it like most guys would I guess. Gotta stay professional on the job though dude. Anyways, just watch (security cameras were on and somehow they forgot?) Wanted

Eminem & Rihanna

Eminem surprises audience at Rihanna concert. Crowd screams so loud you can’t even hear him. Legend

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