Eminem BTS Of “Not Afraid” Video « Generation Vision

GV put it on. Eminem is one of the Greatest MC’s of all Time and if you canNOT Understand that, then you do not understand HipHop. Click Ahead for Making of the Music Video “Not Afraid”

Quick LV

Thought this was creative. OverStand

Shaq Sings to Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber, like him or not, is a Boss in the game right now and he is only 16. Wait until he is in his 20’s… LifeReel

G-Shock August 2010 Watch Releases

I prefer the COLD White time piece.  Good luck picking up yours cause these are gonna go fasttt G-Shock August 2010 Watch Releases. ValueWealth

Hamilton–> Team Earth

“Khkai Team” Collection. You are NOT ready for this. Sorry FutureEye

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