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This is dope.  A little look into the future of watches.  Considering the hour hand is the logo “S+ARCK” for the company name, you will never forget what kind of watch you have on.  Obviously the minute hand would be the hand on the 10.

I feel like this is a great way to start to reinvent the watch and our conception of time.  Allows for the morph of the steady things around us and lets us move a little bit further with each step.  I am a big fan of the leap

Few designers have been as prolific as Paris-born Philippe Stark. An extraordinary mix of rock star, mad inventor, romantic philosopher and leading edge designer, Starck has worked tirelessly and passionately to transform the perceptions and realities of our daily lives, touching the deepest wallsprings of our consciousness to evoke response and reconsideration while pioneering a vision of de-materialization. The latest from his line of watches, developed by Fossil, include these two Mystery Dial selections. Each feature two intriguing indicators of hours and minutes, with the hours being represented by a central solid color disc with lone Starck logo for the little hand (or hours). The minutes are indicated by a traditional hand that is hidden behind the hour disc and bends up past the edges to poke out and rotate around the bezel of digits and dashes for minutes. Both are now available through Watchismo.

Starck Mystery Dial Watches | Hypebeast

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