| Adidas Originals 2011 Spring/Summer Launch |

Dope crowd for some dope sneakers.  Threw on a full concert at Point Ephemere in Paris.  Featuring a live DJ, animations and games, who wouldn’t want to be apart of this crew.  Check the video By the way, sneakers spinning on records and shit? Wuhhh?? dope. Ladies need to consider copping these asap.  Would make … Continue reading

| Detroit Crepes |

Take some notes from this woman.  She saw something in her mind and went for it.  Doing so in Detroit is especially amazing since the reputation is so bad over here, but like she said, rent is mad low.  There are a lot of urban people looking for cool hipster things to do in Detroit, … Continue reading

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    Music is Medicine for the Soul

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    Futbol for Americans