France Vs Croatia International Friendly Today on ESPN.com
To celebrate the release of the new jersey of the away team outside of French Football, Colette and Nike launched the whole “Away Project” and invited 10 brands to revisit their products with the iconic famous navy and white stripes.

This Tuesday, March 29, the team of France Football faces Croatia at the Stade de France for a friendly match but the major idea goes beyond the sport. For the first time ever, new blue Laurent Blanc will wear the famous jersey inspired by the sailor, and the outfit that goeswith it. 

Adored by some, decried by others (some sports journalists do not go with the back of the spoon, conservative forces), this shirt is nevertheless  unanimously  colette,  Away where the project has officially begun.

Like a football team, the Jersey Nike throne in the middle of a corner especially on the first floor of the store, accompanied by ten other iconic brands.

Common point between each of them? They are all worn proudly, like the national team, navy and white stripes!

Chanel, Colorware, Comme des Garcons, Hermes, Laduree, Longchamps, Montblanc, Swatch, Trousselier, Yves Saint Laurent and all responded positively to the call for the navy colorscheme and offered stunning limited edition exclusively for the occasion.

The Jersey is already out all over the world (March 26th) and the other 10 products will be available exclusively at Colette.

For All Items Jump Here

One Response to “| COLETTE & NIKE – THE AWAY PROJECT |”
  1. Irene says:

    i’m not even a brand whore.. but that chanel bag is hot. look at you and your eye for swag.

    yea, i commented.

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