UPDATE | Motion City Soundtrack at the Majestic Detroit |

Fuck yes.  Motion City Soundtrack is coming to Detroit to play at the Majestic Theater Detroit. Get directions and more info at http://majesticdetroit.com/ Free Tickets for Wayne State University students so don’t miss out on the hipster parade. 1 free ticket per student with valid OneCard available in the Dean of Students Office (351 Student … Continue reading

| Eminem Chrysler Commercial Puts Detroit On |

This was the highlight of the superbowl for me.  I live 2 miles away from the Fox Theater so it felt good to see some love for Detroit during Superbowl Primetime. This city which was once home to the Big 3 is now only known for broken down factories and the worst economy in the … Continue reading

| The Bronx Bar Detroit |

If you are looking for a chill spot with mad cheap food and drinks, this is the spot.  For all of you Wayne State students trying to get away from class and find the hipster crowd, you’re welcome. Cool bartenders with heavy hands, can’t go wrong. Just thought this was funny Go for it. Did … Continue reading

| Detroit Crepes |

Take some notes from this woman.  She saw something in her mind and went for it.  Doing so in Detroit is especially amazing since the reputation is so bad over here, but like she said, rent is mad low.  There are a lot of urban people looking for cool hipster things to do in Detroit, … Continue reading

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